Ballet Shark Ten-du Du Du Du Du shirt, hoodie, tank top

Ballet Shark Ten-du Du Du Du Du unisex hoodie


It’s not about “learning new characters”. It’s about liking and not liking the Ballet shark Ten Du Du Du Du Du shirt. The roster is extremely important in a fighting game, especially one with an actual story. We have so many characters missing with lingering plotlines (e.g. Rain, Smoke, Noob Saibot, Sareena, Reptile, and Sindel) just from MK9 until now who have been highly requested as well as other characters like Havok and Fujin who a majority of the fans want to be playable. Instead, we get the entire Cage family and Jacqui Briggs. Hopefully, we don’t get Jax too. I’m a true MK fan and have been since the first game, I know the Ballet shark Ten Du Du Du Du Du shirt, how many years do I have to get kicked in the teeth with Human Smoke, Rain, and Sareena all being left out? Don’t get me wrong though I’m very hyped for MK11. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing and I’m very excited for Scarlet, Jade, and Kabal’s returns (they look awesome) however I really hope that we get some of the highly requested favorites who were skipped even in MKX (Human Smoke and Rain!).