Cat and Freddie Mercury playing piano shirt, hoodie, tank top

Cat and Freddie Mercury playing piano women v-neck shirt


All the new artist in 2018 are fake. Bring me back into the days where music actually meant something. I think the only way to stop it would be to stop the Freddie Mercury playing piano with cat shirt, they don’t get their entertainment and lose their ticket money. Sorted, even if those fans who don’t take part lose out as they will make the chants unacceptable too. It amazes me that Managers keep their team out there when it is happening. Because of a few dinosaurs. After traveling by plane train and bus to these remote stadiums. It would be in the interest of the places that host to stop the behavior as they would be losing a lot of revenue. They need education, not sanctions because of a few idiots. The Freddie Mercury playing piano with cat shirt should walk off, they are not cowards, the racists are! Then should forfeit their points. It seems the only sport that you hear of the participants getting racially abused or assaulted by the so called fans is men’s football. I’m grateful to live in a country where everyone is equal, respected and valued as individuals. All the other teams should now refuse to play them then they will have to sort out there fans. I think this is about someone succeeding as a lot of teams have different race players in but the fans will taunt the opposition.