Llama people should seriously stop expecting normal from me we all know shirt, hoodie, tank top

Llama people should seriously stop expecting normal from me we all know unisex hoodie


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We would love to help out purely for a roof over our heads n scraps x You, Dee Dee and your fledgling organisation are inspiring, as was my daughter on watching this film. I guess their woman first mentality is just talking points, much like their anger at sexual assult and racism seeing the Harry Potter Otter shirt being both. She is the definition of a strong woman, but the liberals love to tear her down. Haha patheticStrangely never saw any Imelda Marcos or (insert any African Asian dictator’s wife) similar art over the years. I’m an Aboriginal who grew up in a white town, tell me how is THIS bullying. And now imagine you had a father who stereotypes whole ethnic and religious groups as drug dealers, prostitutes and terrorists. Good art should raise debate and ask questions which is what this Harry Potter Otter shirt done so it has succeeded. It’s a bit hypocritical for people to be anti bullying and feminist but then give a free pass when it’s a woman they don’t like. Could they find a donnie look a like and Chuck him on there too. History will look back and cringe at how the Harry Potter Otter shirt are treated by people. If this Harry Potter Otter shirt would be seething with rage. Being mocked by a blackface slaveattitude alike or any racist way because he supports Trump. Hilarious how much butthurt this generated, you’d think some troll compared her to an ape or something. What a good way to express feminism than degrading a woman to clean the Harry Potter Otter shirt job to hoover the floor. If it were Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or any Democrat woman, the knives and pitchforks would be flyingInsecure people would like to control people.


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