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They’re the best friends in my life I know im a bad kid since i dont every day call my mom but here in malta you can cross from one side to the other in less than an hour….. that aside still we see each other everyday cause we live in the same house still and everytime i leave my house and my mom is there I give a her a hug and a kiss and tell her I Love her because that would be the last time that I see her and I want her to know that I love her with all my heart. Please guys Appreciate your parents, most of the parents would give every single breath for us to us succeed or to be happy. Why do i feel so invisible. Watch & learn & if you have to wait for something to happen to me. Don’t you dare cry or be sad! I’ve been watching & I’ve been sad. You would have notice it. if you weren’t so selfish! No matter what I will always love you. I would love to know why you cant love me back. Say it with words. Show it with action. A little kindness & respect goes a long way. I’ve always been there for you & I always will untill i cant. It only takes a minute or two to just answer or pick up the phone.