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writer Lorrie Moore once pointed out, “a short story is a love affair, a novel is a marriage.” With Sunday Shorts, OprahMag.Com invitations you to join our own love affair with brief fiction via reading fashioned stories from some of our favourite writers.

Sarahland, Sam Cohen’s ingeniously cheeky collection of brief fiction, facets studies in most cases centered round diverse individuals named Sarah. The influence is a voluptuous quantity of a variety of foundation experiences, ranging from magical to splendidly mundane, linked no longer handiest via the characters’ names however by means of Cohen’s coy, audacious storytelling.

it be handiest becoming that one story takes us again to the very beginning—like, we’re speaking the historical testomony—the place we meet the primary Sarah. Here, Sarah had been born “an unremarkable boy” with a warrior’s identify, Sarai, but she certainly not truly vibed with that and so grew to be Sari. She ultimately marries Abey, a man she grew up with (who happens to be her half-brother) whose God-given fate is to be “the daddy of many nations.”

The issue is that Sari and Abey cannot even produce a toddler of their own. Enter Hagar, a handmaiden talented to them with the aid of the Egyptian king. The three of them become an unlikely family unit unit, complicated with the aid of the burgeoning amorousness between Hagar and Sari.

“the first Sarah” is a divinely hilarious religious romp, as epically thrilling because the most advantageous memories in the respectable book, a flirty-fun feminist delusion for the ages.

the primary Sarah wore her dark curly hair free to the waist and when she spun, it caught wind and have become a parachute of hair, buoyant and rippling. Here’s how she regarded when Abey first fell in love with her, mid-spin, gawping up at an outstretched tree limb, fuchsia petals raining down: a imaginative and prescient. Sarah wasn’t even known as Sarah yet; she became still going by way of her birth name Sarai, however that name’s warrior vibes didn’t go well with her and so mostly every person simply referred to as her Sari.

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Story continues

Abey and Sari shared a daddy and so Abey had of direction widely used Sari considering she become a born, however as a baby, Sari had been dressed in little pants and a kippah and her curls had been shorn apart from payos. Abey had been off researching and when he returned after a long time, Sari had grown from an unremarkable boy into lady, which is why Abey didn’t admire his half sibling spinning beneath the flower tree; he without problems idea, this spinning woman might be my wife.






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