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Hernandez for the NCAAs in 2019. Nat LeDonne / Duke Athletics

All this interior talk happens in about 10 seconds. Twice as long as the precise dive itself. Letting muscle memory take control, I hurdle down the board. I all the time try to ascertain that i am again at my home pool in Durham, N.C. At Duke and am plenty extra comfortable at follow and i function stronger when i am comfy.

The day that I certified for the Olympic Trials, I didn’t even make the podium. It became nevertheless one of the crucial highlights of my profession, extra important to me than most of my gold medals. With the rigors set to be my remaining competitors earlier than I retire for true this time, looking returned at my 13-12 months profession has me feeling all the emotions.

With an usual Trials date of June 2020, i used to be going to neatly wrap up that section of existence with the aid of graduating college, completing my athletic profession, and transitioning into graduate scholar lifestyles. As we’ve all been gaining knowledge of over the last year with the pandemic, nothing goes according to plan.

After a short meeting with our Duke coaching body of workers in March 2020, my career become over after the pandemic canceled the season and at last postponed the Olympics. After I heard the news about the cancellation of the conclusion of my closing season, my first emotion turned into no longer disappointment, however definitely guilt.

In a second, i believed again over my career and realized I ignored the point. I used to be a whole lot too focused on the consequences and what went incorrect. Some of my most vivid memories were what dives I did wrong at which meets and what I left unaccomplished. I vowed to do all that I may to get returned on the boards in some way, by hook or by crook and rewrite my ending.

With a 12 months of testing, social distancing and protecting, as smartly as the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines within the u.S., i used to be ultimately granted permission to come back to the boards. With a full yr off, it has been excessive to get returned into Olympic Trials form.

regardless of the problem of remembering a way to casually flip myself over 31⁄2 instances in a single go, i’m coming near each and every dive with a brand new perspective. With out a NCAA eligibility left, i’m additionally representing myself for the first time. With this quick 2d existence in my activity, i am aiming to reverse my old viewpoint.

This time round, as an alternative of ready to be happy until the competition is completed, i’m going into each observe with a smile on my face. Having the pandemic put off a part of my identification in an speedy, I discovered how privileged i’m to do what i really like day by day. I am reminding myself of the little kid in me who simply likes to flip. For in all probability the first time in my career, I discovered that it can be ok if I do get closing at the Trials.

equipped sports and i go approach again. Considering the age of 5, I even have been running, leaping, and tumbling my means through four sports, however nothing gave me the athletics malicious program the way that diving did. It mixed my outstanding love of flipping, given through my early gymnastics days, with cooling off within the pool, a necessity in my a hundred-degree Texas childhood summers. Diving become not simply anything I did though, it additionally grew to become a part of my id.

identification is a sophisticated aspect. It comes and goes, altering just like the waves within the pool I have become so standard with. It is just as an awful lot situational as it is static. Labels are often defined by way of others for us to distinguish otherness, which alterations kind over time, yet they nevertheless turn into so deeply interwoven in our personal experience of self. I desire that I could write some thing clean and affecting on the energy very own identification brings, however I find it superior to quite simply speak from my very own relationship with my identity.

 This was Nathaniel Hernandez’s “severe captain shot” Duke used to advertise the 2019-20 season. Nat LeDonne / Duke Athletics

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Life Is Diving Everything Else Is Just Surface Interval Poster

i would say that I even have been telling individuals i am gay in some ability due to the fact 2012. However what does that in fact suggest? I by no means did a sappy YouTube video or a fb post. My announcement turned into a lot less conspicuous. Friends, family unit, and strangers in all places would method me with their meek, hushed query: “Are you gay?” find it irresistible was a swear notice and they have been going to get sent to the fundamental’s office. I would constantly just shrug and reply with a simple, yet unsure, “Yeah, I wager.” however took a while to get there.






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