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AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson explains how he joined the band as it became making its landmark album returned in Black in a new video.

“It’s probably essentially the most requested question that is ever thrown at me,” he says with fun firstly of the clip. “I preserve telling it, but each person continues eager to hear it once again.”

Sitting in front of a few Fender Stratocasters and a white drum equipment, the Englishman explains how he went from fronting the glam-rock group Geordie to joining the gritty Aussie rockers just after the demise of their normal frontman, Bon Scott. “It changed into a wierd day, i used to be in Newcastle,” he recalls. “The mobilephone rang and that i picked it up and it was this woman with a German accent. She become going, ‘Iz ziss Brian Johnson?’ I stated, ‘it’s. Who is that this?’ and she mentioned, ‘Ziss I cannot say. Vee are vahnting you to return to London and to sink with the band [to] audition.’ I noted, ‘Which band?’ She noted, ‘Ziss I cannot say additionally.’”

He defined to her that three years in Geordie had left him penniless and that a secret voyage wasn’t price it to him. He prodded her unless she advised him “the initials” of the band in query, “A.C. Und zee D.C.” “I referred to, ‘You mean AC/DC?’” he remembers in perfect comic timing. “and she stated, ‘Sheiße, I even have talked about too an awful lot.’” Even figuring out that, he nonetheless observed no thanks.

The rest of the story points Johnson doing greater accents, including a couple of diversifications on Cockney, as he explains how a twist of fate afforded him a chance to go to London and meet up with the group — and how he got here to the resolution that it was price it.

Guitarist Angus younger recalled the band’s facet of the story recently in an interview with KLOS. “Bon had been in a band that had toured in Britain, and that they have been opening for the band Brian became in, which was a band known as Geordie,” he noted, in response to Blabbermouth. “anyways, they were gigging away, and as Bon advised the story, he turned into saying he became listening to Geordie performing and being attentive to Brian, and then he heard this screaming. He pointed out it sounded notable — he talked about it seemed like Little Richard changed into on the stage. He pointed out this guy [was] howling and yelling. After which he pointed out then he noticed the man on the flooring. Bon idea it was incredible — it became the most reliable act he had seen, and a singer, in a long time. However what he didn’t know, in a while he found, Brian had an assault of appendicitis. But Bon concept it was a part of the act. He notion, ‘This man is astonishing.’”

In one other contemporary interview, young reflected on how the future of the community seemed so uncertain at the time of making back in Black and the way he changed into stunned at how well the listing sold. The LP has since develop into the 2d highest quality-promoting album of all time, simply behind Thriller.

“With Brian [replacing Bon] within the band, we had been going into the unknown, so we didn’t know the way it changed into going to be got,” young instructed Rolling Stone. “We knew the songs have been amazing, and we had Mutt Lange producing. We recorded it in the Bahamas, getting the optimal performances out of everyone. And after that, we didn’t know how it can be acquired. … The individuals who have been doing our administration at the time advised us, ‘You might promote a few million or whatever in case you’re definitely widespread.’ and they have been stunned that it had offered so a good deal.”

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Never underestimate a lady with a drum set poster

“So I wager it’s simply an album that grew on americans,” he continued. “It just bought greater and greater as it went along. Nevertheless it under no circumstances even acquired number 1 within the U.S. At the time, which Malcolm [Young] concept turned into basically first rate. He talked about, ‘in case you get to no 1, there’s just one other area that you would be able to go.’”






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