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pricey Annie: I’m a mother to a few pleasing little boys, all below the age of 10. Although i like my youngsters greater than anything else, I’ve at all times wanted to have a little lady. After I talk about it with my husband, he says he’s content with our boys and that if we’ve yet another newborn, it’s bound to be one more boy, so we shouldn’t even try.

I’ve tried to focal point on our existence and our family unit, but I constantly suppose find it irresistible’s no longer complete without a little lady. My husband thinks I’ll be very upset if we do have one more boy, but I with no trouble told him that if it’s a different boy, then it’s God’s method of announcing that I wasn’t intended to have a lady. And that’s nice. I just don’t are looking to move through my existence pondering that I should still have tried for a baby girl. — wife and Mommy

expensive spouse and Mommy: infants are little jogging, talking miracles. In case you in fact should be adequate if it’s a different boy, be sure to go for it. When we look returned, we constantly feel sorry about the issues we didn’t do more than the things we did. Taking hazards and attempting is what dwelling a full life is all about. Anyway, if you get a fourth boy, you not ever recognize — perhaps he will marry a beautiful lady who will deal with you and your husband in ancient age.

pricey Annie: Twenty-three years in the past, we purchased a 2d domestic at Lake of the Ozarks with an inheritance. We had one profits and three kids headed for school; we were now not wealthy.

one in all our new neighbors — an older, plain-talking lady — provided this suggestions: “if in case you have visitors — and you may have loads of requests from household and friends to seek advice from — ask them to convey their favorite snacks, or as a minimum their beverage of option. You’ll go broke in case you try to supply everyone’s requests for drink and snacks. Presenting all their food for 3 or four days can be costly enough.”

Annie, not every visitor is a detailed pal. There is no observe for “a friendly person i do know in passing,” so we name them friends. But these are not your friends who be aware your birthday. They’re terrific enjoyable to share your lake domestic with, however they should be inclined to assist a little with the charge of their talk over with.

we are comfortable to pay for every thing, together with food and costly gasoline for days of sailing, and do the further numerous laundry and dishes in exchange for having fun with time with americans we adore. But for neighbors who are visitors — and their spouses and children — they just want a tenet on how to show appreciation for their family unit vacation on the lake. — Welcome to the Lake

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Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved Hummingbirds It was me poster

dear Welcome to the Lake: Your neighbor gave clever information. Simply because somebody presents hospitality doesn’t suggest the guests shouldn’t pull their own weight. I’m printing your letter for hosts and guests alike who’re sharing a home with a person they don’t comprehend very smartly.

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