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The tenacious 10-12 months-historic’s love of golf is resulting in a larger conversation about gender equality.

She’s handy to identify on the golf path: a flash of pink hair, pink unicorn headcover, and a signature swing that most golfers take years to master.

Ressie Lemmon begun the game at age 6, after observing her older brother play.

“My papaw was instructing him and that i saw that it looked truly fun and that i simply began doing it and it changed into like, I basically loved it, so I decided this is what i wanted to do,” Ressie talked about. “Golf is my aspect.”

due to the fact that then, this McCordsville fourth grader has gotten basically, in reality respectable. She even recently competed at Augusta country wide within the force, Chip and Putt countrywide Finals.

“It become impressive. It turned into so attractive there and i in fact appreciated it,” Ressie stated. “It changed into a really cool event and that i ended up getting fifth universal.”

however one a part of the video game that Ressie can’t manage on the route has this young phenom pissed off. Her favorite apparel company doesn’t make golf apparatus for girls.

“She hit a increase spurt and essential some new golf clothes and observed, ‘will you get me some below Armour golf outfits?’ identical to her brother and there wasn’t any,” Ressie’s mom, April, defined.

“There changed into like an entire wall of just boys’ golf outfits and shirts and there were no ladies’ and online, like we went on last nighttime, and there became nothing girls. It became all simply boys,” Ressie pointed out. “i’m like, ‘smartly, you recognize, ladies golf, too, so why don’t you’re making some women’ clothes too?'”

definitely, at that countrywide match in Georgia, Ressie wore her brother’s below Armour golf pants.

“they’re comfy, but they may be my brother’s and that i would want to have my very own,” she talked about with amusing.

So, like several athlete faced with a problem, she focused. During this case, Ressie put down the putter and picked up a pen.

“We begun speaking about it greater of how do you are making a change of some thing that you just don’t see is just or whatever thing you see is unfair,” April Lemmon noted, “and we noted talking up. When we referred to how would you even make a change … ‘well i may just write them a letter!’ and in her 10-year-ancient little mind, this is what or not it’s going to take! She wrote her observe and we put it in the mail.”

Ressie’s handwritten plea to the bigger-u.S. Under Armour even offers some design assist.

“I instructed them that women may still deserve the identical quantity of clothes as boys and that I might assist design them as a result of i admire definitely love designing issues,” Ressie mentioned.

and she or he’s confident her notice will work.

“I consider that they are gonna reply returned to me,” Ressie observed. “I think that they’ll delivery making them and then they will be like, ‘oh women in fact do wear golf clothes and they do play golf’ and i’m like, ‘smartly I instructed you so! Decent aspect you made them!'”

or not it’s a no-nonsense pitch from a woman with loads of skill, who just wants some female aptitude on the fairway.

Or buy here : Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Really Loved Koalas Poster

Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Really Loved Koalas Poster

“The indisputable fact that she did take that step to try to make a transformation, I suppose is, as a mother or father you know, the one thing that you just might ask for, no count number what the outcome is,” her mother noted.

Ressie’s letter went out about two weeks in the past. To this point, the Lemmon’s say they have not heard back from under Armour. 13News reached out to the company as neatly. We’ll permit you to know if they reply.






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