Once you have tasted flight You will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward poster



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“When upon getting tasted flight, you’ll always stroll the earth together with your eyes grew to become skyward, for there you had been, and there you will at all times lengthy to return.”

Eyes turned Skywards is another spaceflight background timeline discovered on the alternatehistory.Com boards. The change from our timeline is that after the 1969 Moon landings, NASA does not decide to enhance the space Shuttle, however as an alternative continues to make use of hardware according to the Apollo spacecraft and Saturn rockets. Finally, an international house station is built in the late 80s/early 90s, ten years before the international area Station began construction in our timeline. A return to the Moon happens in 1999 (the thirtieth anniversary of the Apollo program). The Soviet Union/Russia comes to use a TKS spacecraft instead of the Soyuz, and China comes up with their personal manned spacecraft a decade sooner than our timeline’s Shenzhou program. The timeline also details other transformations, corresponding to unmanned space probes, and changes in pop lifestyle as a result of the butterfly impact, and is constantly offered in a heritage book-like, communicate-free format.

The thread may also be found right here, and a summary (together with some fine images) may also be discovered on the Alternate background Wiki

finished as of early September 2015, as anything else past 2015 could be much less realistic and pure hypothesis.

no longer to be perplexed with the adventure Time fanfiction of the identical name.

  • Alternate history: focusing on alternate traits in spaceflight and space exploration.
  • Allohistorical Allusion: Challenger and Discovery are names for area station modules as a substitute of space Shuttles.
  • Cool Spaceship: There are loads of those◊ as well because the rockets
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    ◊ that launch them into orbit.

  • diverse World, distinctive films: The “Interlude” updates guest-written by means of Brainbin (author of That Wacky Redhead, a timeline it really is all about this trope) sketch out how well-known culture evolves in another way in this timeline, starting with the fashioned plans for a star Trek Revival in the ’70s taking part in out as intended on the small monitor as an alternative of being re-worked right into a movie. It airs on NBC – the identical community that cancelled the long-established big name Trek – beginning in 1977, beneath the identify celebrity Trek: the brand new Voyages, leading to TOS in its place buying the retronym TOV, for The normal Voyages.Note in OTL, the plan became for the meant sequel series, Sta Trek: phase II, to be the flagship sequence of a planned fourth television community referred to as the Paramount tv service; the head of Paramount’s mother or father Gulf & Western, Charles Bluhdorn, mothballed the plans over fears that it will bleed money, leading to the conversion of the pilot for part II, “In Thy photo”, into ST:TMP (big name Trek: The Animated collection likewise turns into TAV, for The Animated Voyages.) This bounce-starts an entirely different route for the wider famous person Trek franchise.






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