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Pastor Kunle Ajayi popularly referred to as “PK” is Pastor Enoch Adeboye’s track minstrel within the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In this interview with Adesile Tosin, he talks about his existence, church of God and the nation.

year 2020 has been a 12 months of many revelations taking a look at COVID-19 and #EndSARS protest in Nigeria. How has it been with you sir?

We thank and praise the almighty God. God has been devoted, after which, we comprehend this yr has been very enjoyable however even though, God has been so devoted to me and my family unit, and i consider to the church too.

You had been born in Mushin area of Lagos State, a local customary for rascality; doesn’t that area have any terrible affect on you while growing to be up sir?

It does and via the grace of God, God brought me out and he saved my life which I’m perpetually grateful for until date.

Mushin being your location of birth and now that God has brought you out of the place, do ever you feel of having a rehabilitation software that can additionally bring americans out of the same area God introduced you out from many years returned?

Even this COVID-19, I went there. In reality l become born in ldi-oro and i went to Akala to distribute some palliatives and also you comprehend the church has a spot around that Akala and that i think we now have about two or three churches around idi-oro and they’re actually doing a very good job.

in a single of your comments, you spoke of that the Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti inspired you to turn into a Saxophonist. Fela turned into an activist, and also you are a pastor. How did he inspire you?

He impressed me the manner he played good music. Fela played respectable tune and no be counted what he says, whatever’s that he says at all times makes sense. In the actual, they make feel, after which in spiritual, it makes experience when he turned into speakme about “Water no get enemy” and “instructor Don’t train Me Nonsense, you are going to find out that it is true.  You be aware of he talked about the political factor. After which on earth, in case you appear at the heritage of the world and the missionary, most of the notice got here from the church. So we might also no longer be taking active half in political activism however in the spiritual realm we’re. We pray for the nation, we pray for our country and the Lord Commanded us to pray for our leaders, and you recognize as we pray for them and the nation, something alterations within the religious realm and it could possibly show up in the actual a lot extra later.

As huge as RCCG is, God has positioned you at the helms of affairs of managing the track directorate, how do you go about discharging your obligations realizing totally neatly that the Redeemed Christian Church of God is in the entire country of the countries?

well, you referred to as me song directorate? No, i am definitely aiding a person and that’s “Daddy G.O”. Pastor Enoch Adeboye fondly called daddy GO is the commonplace Overseer and at the identical time, the song directorate is at once beneath him. And then, you recognize daddy is highly prepared, so we now have song coordinators for each and every province and each nation. Each Coordinators document to their provincial headquarters and the document come directly to the national headquarters. So, they have got a common and smartly prepared administration in the church which is still below daddy G.O.

At fifty six, you nonetheless play saxophone very neatly, do you plan retiring at any selected age?

Why retiring? If i die, I die enjoying it. And this is what we do after we get to heaven. The Bible tells us that, and all and sundry sing it. I’m sure we are able to also play musical instrument as a result of we are speaking about apartment of Gold. There could be a saxophone up there.

a long time lower back, God directed you to Daddy Adeboye, and since then, God has changed the identify individuals used to name you if you had been small, how do you believe? Do you have any remorseful about?

Ahh! You have got noted all of it. You be aware of, there is not any remorseful about about that and i don’t have any regret all. My existence has modified and it has modified for all times, and forever modified for good.

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Saxophone What part of don’t you understand poster

Do you’ve got any gratitude you are looking to send to Pastor E A Adeboye?

sure, i’m perpetually grateful to daddy and mummy G.O for adopting me as their baby and i will continually be grateful.

As a saxophonist, how do you unwind regardless of your schedule and since anyplace we see daddy GO, we usually see you, and then that skill you are a very very busy man. So how do you unwind?

I play table tennis and i have it in my house. When I calm down, i watch sports and also study books. I also take heed to respectable track to unwind myself.






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