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Now, on to the Fulani Herdsmen. The scary frequency of the repetition of that designation in the Nigerian media in recent times has left me with chilling apprehensions. As I actually have observed on different events, we want all of the tact, all the restraint, all of the wisdom we will muster to tackle this extraordinarily bad construction, for Nigeria can not manage to pay for to stampede itself into a different civil war. Let no person underrate the havoc and destruction that are extensively led to through these herdsmen ; the epidemic of kidnapping , ransom extortion, and murder, the looting and destruction of farmlands, mainly within the southern ingredients of Nigeria, and the uncountable bereavements that have been the lot of many households. President Buhari and his federal government can’t faux that they do not know what is happening – that, certainly, there is fireplace on the roof of the Nigeria condominium. How much investigation has the govt completed into this dangerous condition? If any, how thorough, how non-partisan? If, certainly, as we have been advised, many of the so-called Fulani Herdsmen are foreigners seeking eco-friendly pastures in Nigeria, how did they get into the country, and what are the border patrol officers doing about this? What do we call a rustic that cannot relaxed its own borders? With the cloud of insecurity striking over the country, you can’t however ask “where are Nigeria’s security authorities: the military, the police, immigration, the civil defence corps, etc.? What do President Buhari and the Heads of those safety units discuss at their legit briefings?

to assert the least the federal govt’s handling of the herdsmen crisis has been amateurish, pedestrian, and dangerously incompetent. Tell me: Is someone in Aso Rock trifling away while the Nigeria condominium is burning? Say whatever, President Buhari. Do whatever thing.

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The Ruga proposition is a ‘answer’ that is bound to compound the problem. That is why many americans in lots of ingredients of the nation have considered it as a poorly thought out attempt on the colonization of their own territories. And, incidentally, there’s an important, simple query we haven’t been asking: why accomplish that many  Nigerians, at the present time,  have to roam the entire nation, seeking grass for  cows they rear and nurture on behalf of richer, more effective Nigerians? Why are they no longer in college – like the babies of their rich and powerful customers/customers? Let nobody insult our intelligence with the atavistic excuse that this wasteful mis-employment of a a must have group of Nigeria’s youth is a count of tradition and lifestyle. Specific subculture fares more suitable; and tradition is not any disempowering imprisonment.

The americans pasture their cows, the British do; so do South Africans and Ghanaians and Australians and Argentines, chinese and Koreans, with out turning a enormous number of their younger guys into cow-chasers; without plunging their international locations into ‘Herdsmen’ warfare. Allow us to try the miracle of the modern ranch: eco-friendly, friendly, and peaceably/equitably found.






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