[Hot Design] Bob Ross Painting is My Hobby shirt and v-neck

Bob Ross Painting is My Hobby shirt
Bob Ross Painting is My Hobby shirt


The point of the war is not to win it, and not to lose it. the point it for the war to keep going on so they can keep on selling weapons, and the provide positions in the government to manage this business. it is not hard to figure it out. Bob Ross Painting is My Hobby. The Korean War was NOT the USA versus the Chinese/Koreans; it was a police action that nobody won or lost and ended in a truce. The Vietnam Nam war was the only war that the US has ever lost, and we never surrendered that one, we just got the hell out. And you are making sweeping claims that are nothing but inflammatory opinion.

Bob Ross Painting is My Hobby shirt

Bob Ross Painting is My Hobby v-neck

We have a lot of issues. We have to fight the issues in Afghanistan and Iraq. But at the same time fight the Liberals who are fighting against America with this battles. Our empire has to be everywhere there is conflict and if there is no conflict empire will create one. That way the rich can keep getting richer and the empire can grow. Liberals make up about half the country and we’re not going anywhere. For the sake of the country, maybe you should try finding common ground instead of labeling us as “the enemy”