Peace, Love and Dogs sunflower shirt and gildan hoodie

Peace love and dogs sunflower shirt
Peace love and dogs sunflower shirt


It is easy to rationalize away the cognitive dissonance by only looking at the happy adopters who bought the baby. It’s easy to define a natural biological act human are designed to be driven toward as a “wrong choice” by applying some religious moral standard, Peace, Love and Dogs sunflower. and ignoring the fact that the only thing “wrong” about it is the judgemental way we look at it. That, and the fact that our culture values material wealth more than it does community.

Peace, Love and Dogs sunflower shirt

Peace love and dogs sunflower gildan hoodie
gildan hoodie

What our mother did for her was the best thing she could have done for my sister. Until she had me she was not prepared to have children. Our mom was strong and cared for my sister more than her own selfish wants about keeping her, knowing she couldn’t provide her with a life that she truly deserves. It was easily the hardest decision she has ever had to make. Our younger sister and I grew up knowing we had an older sister. We knew her birthday, saved pictures for her for when we could meet her, saw the pain in our moms eyes knowing that she had another daughter out there that she couldn’t see.