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Rounding off the end of national diabetes week in Australia I paused to reflect on my journey so far…

I used to be over weight and unhappy. I decided to do something about it and went on a journey of weightloss so I could do the kokoda trail in 2011 over Anzac day. I turned my life upside down. Trained daily, ate well, lost 30 kgs and gained control of my happiness. I set off on my life changing journey to prove to myself that I could achieve anything but after 4 days of hiking that all came crashing down, slowly at first but the final impact was heart breaking. I was air lifted out of the trail. The day before Anzac day. I was being treated for suspected kidney infection and pneumonia. I spent 4 days in PNG hospital and had to fake that I was better to fly back to Australia. I flew home, and was Feedback
Web results unrecognisable to my family waiting for me at the airport. I collapsed in the shower whilst washing the dirt from kokoda off my skin. I spent the next 36 hours in emergency, after my loved ones left my side at 2 am to go get some sleep a doctor came to my bedside at 5 am to tell me I was a type 1 diabetic. I broke. I bawled my eyes out. And i sobbed as he told me your life won’t change that much. Just a few modifications. After all I had been through to get to this point. To get healthy. To be in control of my life. In an instant I felt I lost it all over again.

Diabadass adidas diabetes shirt

Diabadass adidas diabetes shirt
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My life did change. Dramatically. I had a 5 year relationship breakdown. I moved house. I changed job. I was newly diagnosed and dealing with T1D all alone. As much as your friends and family are there to support you, they also have no idea. What it’s like to prick your fingers multiple times a day. What it’s like to inject insulin up to 6 times a day. The constant glares from people that think your a junkie. The constant comments of can you eat that? Should you eat that? Why are you eating that… Aren’t you diabetic. Isn’t that how you got there in the first place?..
Although my journey has been going for 7 years I feel I am only just beginning. It’s been hard. But it’s made me realize I can do anything I set my mind too.