[New design] not today heifer shirt

not today heifer shirt lady tee


I was past euphoric when I got this. It was my Heifer shirt. I intend to get all the more yet. Wasn’t anticipating that the delivery mark should have Jj’s name on it however. Be that as it may, The shirt is completely note worthy as what the driver and proprietor may be. Remaining there watering the calves, wearing a Twisted Heifer shirt.. you’re more than I needed and ever thought I merited. That’s not today heifer shirt. You’ve pushed me to do everything I was so frightened to do, and each end of the week you’re there to tame my unsettled plumes and make conveyances for me.

Not today heifer T-shirt

not today heifer shirt lady tee
Lady tee

Each end of the week you’re considering the lounge chair while despite everything i’m working in the kitchen since you can’t rest in our bed without me. In particular you’ve not even once given me a chance to question the amount you cherish me, regardless of the state of mind I toss. You’re an astounding man and I’m so fortunate to have gotten you nectar!

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