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She was a consummate entertainer. Everyone had a good day when Patty Berg gave a sanatorium. The “Patty Hit Parade” as it changed into known as included jokes that might go away Bob Hope preserving his facets, together with some gags, like tilting the bill of her visor to the right to hit a fade and to the left to hit a draw. And there have been golf pictures galore – high, low, left, appropriate, straight and oh so particularly long. Berg packed a magnificent punch, one that impressed all who noticed her. Via the conclusion of her career, Berg estimated that she had brought over half a million new golfers to the video game.

however there were at all times a couple of different things at a Patty Berg health facility. As fellow LPGA hall of Famer Betsy King remembers, “She all the time put up little American flags at her clinics (to mark off the hitting enviornment). And he or she all the time ended her talks with ‘God bless you. And God bless america.’”

This wasn’t an try to attraction to an viewers. Berg become, based on King, “a fine patriot who cherished the united states.”

however she changed into so plenty greater. On this Memorial Day, as we honor those in uniform who made the most appropriate sacrifice, it is vital to be aware people that served in other capacities – individuals like First Lieutenant Patricia Berg, united states Marine Corp, who served as an officer within the japanese Procurement Division in Philadelphia, Pa. From 1942 in the course of the conclusion of hostilities in 1945.

First Lt. Berg had a tough assignment. Procurement turned into a fancy observe for recruiting. Patty became certainly one of many officers charged with going to faculty campuses in the hunt for officer candidates who had been in a position, inclined and able to enter fight practising instantly.

based on the late Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Moody, USMC historical Division, “by means of February 1942, Marine Corps procurement teams had begun travelling the nation’s permitted colleges to monitor the benefits of their selected department of the provider. In generic, these teams were warmly obtained by way of educators in every a part of the country; but the students had been now not overeager in their response to them. A member of 1 crew complained that the usual college scholar without difficulty didn’t recognise that his country became combating for its survival.

“This may also had been true in some cases; nevertheless it is more possible that these young men felt that the Marine Corps did not present the same advantages because the Navy or army. Probably the most adventurous, the sort of men who a technology before would have fought to become “Devildogs,” now were enrolling within the aviation cadet classes. The trap of the wild blue yonder became claiming some of the best juniors and seniors; and Marine Aviation at present become obtaining the vast majority of its pilots throughout the Naval Aviation Cadet software.”

American Flag Golf Polo Shirt

among these teams, trying to appeal to 17- to 27-year-historic guys to be a part of the Few and the Proud was the spunky, redhead 24-12 months-old golfer from Minnesota who burst onto the scene with the aid of profitable the 1934 Minneapolis metropolis Championship and captured a total of 28 beginner titles. But as any individual who ever noticed her in person knew, Berg become also the consummate salesperson, the kind of shut-the-deal dynamo who could get you to consider you may do anything by the end of a lesson.





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