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Poland point to their Uefa Respect badge as England take the kneeCredit: Getty

Poland did not take the knee in any of their Euro 2020 games.

The gesture has been criticised by both the Polish FA president and sections of their support.

The Poles refused to kneel against England and instead pointed to the Uefa Respect logo on their sleeves.

Polish FA President Zbigniew Boniek labelled the gesture “populism” that “achieved nothing” and said: “I am absolutely against such actions.

“Footballers sometimes kneel, and if you asked some of them why they were kneeling, they wouldn’t even know.”


Slovakia did not take the knee in any of their Euro 2020 games.

The Slovaks took the knee against Ireland and Scotland last October but were criticised in the Slovakian parliament.

After this, the country’s FA said the players had only taken the knee because they believed Uefa had instructed them to do so and would no longer perform the gesture.


France took the knee in their first warm-up friendly against Wales but not in their second one against Bulgaria.

The French team were expected to kneel throughout Euro 2020 but changed their mind at the last minute.

Les Bleus were criticised in some sections of the French media after kneeling against the Welsh.

And captain Hugo Lloris said after the opening game against Germany: “It was a collective decision.

“We assume that if we have to do it, all the nations must do it with the support of UEFA.

“This is the case in Premier League, where the movement is united. In this competition, it is less the case.

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“This does not mean that we do not support the cause, we especially do not want racism in our sport and in society.”

Another France player said anonymously: “The truth is that players were concerned about the fierce reaction to the gesture, and felt that it was dividing more than uniting.”

It is not known whether France will take the knee if the opposition does.





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