Born Raised And Protected By God Guns Guts And Glory Flag

Born-Raised-And-Protected-By-God-Guns-Guts-And-Glory-Flag (1)

Born-Raised-And-Protected-By-God-Guns-Guts-And-Glory-Flag (1)

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On his divorce: “You be trained that you just can not be hypocritical and preach perfection all the time and be mad at people when they screw up. Because you realize, so did you.”

On former President George W. Bush’s portrait of him: “the entire desires I had — to come back to the united states, to make thousands and thousands of dollars, to get into films, to be a bodybuilding champion — I under no circumstances concept, ‘And in the future, I desire additionally to be painted through a president.’ Is that wild or what?”

On risk: “i used to be under no circumstances frightened of issues. What’s the worst that may ensue? There’s the ground. That’s so far as i will be able to fall. If I lose, I make another motion movie. Existence goes on.”

You should be would becould very well be forgiven for pondering that the herd of sheep now grazing on the institution of California, Davis campus changed into there simply to add pastoral atmosphere. (they’re the Aggies, after all.)

however the 25 animals — a mixture of Suffolk, Hampshire, Southdown and Dorset sheep — are in fact part of an academic test to see in the event that they can be extra beneficial at keeping the landscape than their computing device counterparts. They’re additionally being used for their wool.

Sheriff’s officers at the scene in San Bernardino, Calif., December 2, 2015. (AFP/Getty)

an odd element came about yesterday on social media. Prayer became a microaggression.

as the San Bernardino, Calif., attack unfolded in precise time, most americans knew that dozens of their fellow citizens had been struggling, with a whole bunch more terrified. They knew police were monitoring down at least two wicked killers who had been armed and unhealthy. They additionally knew there changed into absolutely nothing they might physically do to cease the killers or heal the victims, in order that they did what people of faith were doing on account that the crack of dawn of human awareness — they prayed. They prayed for insurance plan and braveness for the police, for curative and luxury for victims, and for the stamina and precision of the surgeons. They prayed as a result of they recognize God is sovereign and since that become the only most valuable factor they could do — in that second — for his or her fellow americans in grave want.

suddenly, youngsters, a cascade of leftist politicians and elite journalists pounced. Shut up about “strategies and prayers,” they spoke of, and “slink away.”

The Nation’s George Zornick contrasted Republican “concepts and prayers” with Democrat policy posturing:

Connecticut Democratic senator Chris Murphy tried to inform american citizens what to feel and how to pray:

The Huffington post changed into of course all over the place the anti-prayer trend, with Sam Stein and Arthur Delaney writing a piece that started:

Public officers are the americans society trusts to remedy society’s ills. Like, say, gun violence. But every time multiple americans had been gunned down in a mass capturing, all these officials can reputedly do is rush to offer their needless techniques and prayers.

not to be outdone, Kim Bellware tried to claim that conservative politicians’ prayers have been all about the funds, painstakingly documenting how a variety of GOP leaders who tweeted their “strategies and prayers” had obtained donations from the NRA, purportedly exposing — what? — a “pay to pray” scandal?

#share#however then the ny each day information topped them all:

The attack on “suggestions and prayers” represents a convergence of two of the Left’s nastiest features — its hysterical anti-Christian bigotry and its impulse to disgrace and silence its ideological opponents. There is not any American demographic the Left despises greater than Christian conservatives. Even as it cherishes Muslim religious liberty and rails against “Islamophobia,” it systematically mocks Christians and attacks Christian non secular expression. “Clock Boy” gets White condo invitations whereas the owners of activity foyer and Chick-fil-A are threats to the Republic. Muslim school students deserve a “safe house,” while Christian pupil agencies are systematically marginalized and often kicked off campus.

#connected#combine this bigotry with the Left’s expanding insistence that dissenting speech isn’t simply wrong however dangerous and violent, and we have a extremely true problem. Prior this week, pro-life american citizens had been treated to an avalanche of vitriol, with claims that even the most familiar professional-existence arguments have been inherently provocative and “irresponsible.” as the San Bernardino capturing unfolded, the Left went even additional, mocking and attempting to disgrace any speech that wasn’t based on their favourite posturing. You’re both a part of their “solution” or make sure to simply shut up.

Born Raised And Protected By God Guns Guts And Glory Flag

Born Raised And Protected By God Guns Guts And Glory Flag

Born Raised And Protected By God Guns Guts And Glory Flag

Over at the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway wrote an enchanting piece arguing that the Left is providing its personal prayers — to the god of executive. I don’t suppose here’s quite right. They’re praying to a god, all appropriate, but it surely’s the god of self — to their personal limitless knowledge and advantage. For now, govt is the instrument of their divine will, but put Ted Cruz in the White apartment and watch how immediately dissent as soon as once again is the maximum kind of patriotism.




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