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Cocktail Hawaiian Shirt

Even if it had been real, equality would have been a poor substitute for liberation; fake equality is leading women into double jeopardy. The rhetoric of equality is being used in the name of political correctness to mask the hammering that women are taking.

When “The Female Eunuch” was written, our daughters were not cutting or starving themselves. On every side, speechless women endure endless hardship, grief and pain, in a world system that creates billions of losers for every handful of winners.

It’s time to get angry again. Glowing Cocktail Unisex Hawaiian ShirtGreer on Adultery It seems there is never any shortage of women who will commit adultery with married men, and that even women who call themselves feminist are perfectly willing to marry a man who has already rendered a wife or two acutely miserable. Cocktail Hawaiian Shirt

Women are all too ready still to accept a man’s view of his relations with women, and to understand men whose wives, with much longer and closer experience, don’t understand them. When women are ready to believe that a man’s saying “My wife doesn’t understand me” means “I behave unreasonably towards my wife,” feminism will have got to first base.

One wife is all any man deserves. Greer on the Tyranny of Housework By the millennium, housework should have been abolished. In a sane world, meaningless repetition of non-productive activity would be seen to be a variety of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

People who said that they enjoyed doing housework, or needed to do it, or that doing it made them feel good would be known as addicts. Once the word got out that a person was cleaning her toilet every day, therapists would come to her house and reclaim her for rationality and the pleasure principle. Cocktail Hawaiian Shirt

Instead, we have Professor Jean-Claude Kaufman of the Sorbonne telling us that housework is a deeply sensual experience—for women, that is, not for himself. Women do menial work because it turns them on; it doesn’t turn men on, therefore they should not be expected to do it.

Strange, isn’t it, how much men know about sensations they have never had?

Kaufman knows a woman in whom dish-washing produces explosions of joy. According to him, rhythmic, repetitive, mindless tasks function as sexual anticipation, building up pleasurable tension until it climaxes in conjugal relations. Faking it in bed has clearly not been enough; now women are having to fake sexual arousal even when they are cleaning the toilet.

These days, housework doesn’t just use people; it requires a gang of machines: vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, driers, food processors, microwave ovens, refrigerators and freezers, immense quantities of water, power and detergent to feed into them, and an army of technicians who treat them when they malfunction—and charge more than doctors do for a home visit.





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