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it is time once more to have a good time Independence Day. America changed into centered as “One Nation, under God, Indivisible” and a destination that might supply justice for all. Pass over Liberty smiled for those who got here to our shores. Homeless immigrants from in all places the realm saw the lady of the Harbor as a welcoming symbol of a land of “milk and honey” and a more robust culture as they fled oppression and poverty somewhere else.

the place now’s the golden country of their goals? As we seem on the  farm households pressured into chapter within the Midwest, lots of coal miners relegated to the human scrapheap within the southern West Virginia coal fields, hundreds of homeless in our important cities who haven’t any look after, families in West Virginia who are hungry and can’t afford simple fitness functions, and ratings of americans in Fayette, Kanawha, and other  counties victimized by toxic wastes, we deserve to ask, “the place is america?” and “where is West Virginia?”

In West Virginia, political and business leaders have bravely been suggesting that “The Pandemic” is under control, West Virginia is open for company, and the professional decline in West Virginia’s unemployment expense shows superior instances are just across the nook. Despite the fact, the unemployment cost statistic isn’t any longer an correct temperature of financial health. One reason is that almost six million part-time workers within the U.S. Who want full-time jobs are not counted within the authentic unemployment rolls if they work handiest a number of hours a week. In addition, part-time minimum wage employment doesn’t change larger paid jobs misplaced in unionized industries. The actual underemployment expense is without difficulty triple any formally launched unemployment rate.

A second reason is that West Virginians are being forced to withdraw from the labor drive. In most circumstances, their unemployment compensation plus supplemental merits have expired and that they have entered the undocumented cash-best economic climate of survival. They have got, in reality, no longer disappeared nor migrated, as the statistics may indicate.

Drums Hawaiian Shirt

The starvation and meals difficulty is also principal. Facts is obvious that starvation and bad foodstuff are totally involving problems with familiar health in addition to physical and mental construction of children. A balanced diet including clean vegetables and fruit, splendid protein and complete grains is expensive. When the inability to buy an enough food regimen is coupled with the lack of ability to pay for simple utilities, as within the case so that you can occur if West Virginia American Water is allowed to put into effect a 28 percent rate enhance, nutritional consumption drops rapidly. Family unit supplies go into high priced meals that requires no cooking nor refrigeration. Potato chips and pa, together with white bread and bologna, become weight-reduction plan staples.





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