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If it seems Truman was coming down to Key West generally to relax, drink whiskey in the morning, go out on Key lime pie crawls, throw loud shirt contests and play poker late into the night, well, yeah, that about covers it, Bacle confirmed. But the president also did some serious work here – once estimating he signed his name between 200 and 600 times a day. (Including, according to a marker in the front lawn, on a Civil Rights Executive Order requiring federal contractors to hire minorities, signed almost 70 years ago on Dec. 5, 1951.) I’m sure you all recognize the sign here [on his desk], ‘the Buck Stops Here,’” Bacle said. “Well, Harry Truman, he was not one for passing the buck. He was a president. He was a commander in chief. The buck stopped with him.” Excavator bedding sets

And he was just fine letting chips fall wherever they might, letting history judge his time as president, Bacle said. Even when his job approval rating plummeted to a historically low 22 percent after relieving Gen. Douglas MacArthur of his command in 1951. Even as the Iron Curtain descended over Europe. Even when you take a really close look at that shirt behind glass upstairs in the closet at The Little White House. “He said, let history judge me – and it’s been pretty good to him because in 2009, C-SPAN did a poll and ranked him number five of the greatest presidents of all time,” Bacle said. “Right behind Lincoln, Washington and both Roosevelts.“That ain’t too bad for a farm boy from Missouri who never wanted to be the president in the first place,” he said, concluding with “the tour stops here.”

Truman’s stature has improved over the past 50 years, said David McCullough, who’s Pulitzer Prize winning biography of the president is among books on Truman in the museum’s gift shop racks. “We see now that Harry Truman was a very important and effective and admirable president – a man who never wanted the job, never imagined he’d be in the job,” McCullough said in 2018 on The Washington Post’s Presidential Podcast. “He refused ever to take a fee for a speech after he left the White House, because he felt that would be a disgrace to the office of the presidency. He wouldn’t serve on any board because of that. He wouldn’t lobby by making a phone call for somebody for which he would be handsomely paid. Excavator bedding sets

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Excavator bedding sets


Excavator bedding sets



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