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Isn’t Google just a roomful of hipsters with Harry Potter t-shirts and soy lattes?

For years, I assumed that this technological epicenter was just another version of Disney World with endless craft beer and skinny jeans for years. But when I read Lazio Bock’s Work Rules, I caught a glimpse of something more–a workspace that dared to create something different and go against the grain.

On the outside, Google appears to be like just another version of a Millennial utopia. After all, they offer creative spaces to their employees, host volleyball games, and provide free food. You don’t stop riding when you get old You get old when you stop riding poster

But if you look past the Quidditch tournaments, vegan lasagna nights, and sleeping pods, you’ll find a corporation that has unlocked the secret to successful leadership.

And their top-secret sauce has nothing to do with their ability to entertain.

Google doesn’t distract their employees with bribes.

So, how do they do it? What’s so different about this company compared to others?

Well, for starters, they invest in their people and their mission more than their product.

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Google understands how to create a mission that attracts the right team

There’s a vast difference between attracting someone and stalking them.

If you’ve dated recently, you understand that trying too hard is one of the biggest turnoffs. The same is valid for business.

Too many companies flex their muscles, post their bathroom selfies, boast about their intellect, and then wonder why no one wants to work with them.

Today’s workforce isn’t impressed with narcissism, and they don’t care about your accolades and accomplishments. They care about your company’s mission and if there’s room for them to add their voice amongst the choir.

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