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recently a non-Christian student went undercover on Liberty college mission shuttle to Daytona beach, Fla., to minister to those that had been partying on spring damage. A subsequent article offers mind-blowing insight into the mind of an unbeliever and proposes questions in regards to the success of this type of evangelism methodology. Under is Greg Stier’s response.

My chum Jonathan McKee forwarded me a really exciting article he found on www.Salon.Com written by way of a non-Christian college scholar named Kevin who transferred to Liberty college. He was an undercover unbeliever with the goal of knowing how Christians consider and getting a way of the evangelical way of life from an “interior” perspective.

As part of his cultural scan, he determined to go on a weeklong outreach event over spring damage with a bunch of 13 other Liberty college students. Their mission? To deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ to the beer-guzzling, physique-baring, sand-loving sinners on Daytona beach. He turned into knowledgeable to share the gospel through the group leader, then unleashed with the different group members to sweep the seaside on a religious search-and-rescue mission.

After a solid week of very nearly consistent rejections, the community consoled themselves with the conception they’d planted spiritual seeds that would sprout later. His conclusion turned into these well-intentioned highway evangelists basically had now not made any converts. Nobody followed up with and helped plug into church buildings the few who raised their arms to assert sure to Jesus. Here’s what he needed to say concerning the follow-up manner with this band of cold turkey evangelists:

“The challenge of post-salvation conduct is a captivating one. I assumed, when Scott was instructing us to evangelize, that we’d be told to do some sort of comply with-up with a hit converts, if we had any — e-book them to a native church, probably, or at the least take their contact suggestions. However there isn’t any such technique. If Jason had determined to get saved (he did not), Martina would have led him through the Sinner’s Prayer (“Jesus, i am a sinner, come into my coronary heart and be my Lord and Savior” or some variant thereof); she would have let him be aware of he became saved, possibly given him some Bible verses to examine, and that they on no account would have viewed each and every different again. Bloodless-turkey evangelism provides the shortest, most non-committal conversion offer of any Western religion — which, i suspect, is part of the attraction.”


What’s even more wonderful is that Roose didn’t seem to write this text out of vindictiveness or venom. He really gave the impression to like the evangelical evangelists he turned into evangelizing with. He become in search of to keep in mind why they have been willing to go through all the ache and stress of being persecuted with out seeing a whole lot, if any, tangible results after per week of spreading the gospel to the spring breakers. His conclusion was the possibility of seeing a person in hell was sufficient witnessing fuel to retain them moving into the face of mockery and disdain.

which you could examine the whole article right here,and i strongly encourage you to achieve this.

before I give my perspective on all this, you’ve got got to understand i used to be born and bred on street evangelism. The first group of teenagers I witnessed to turned into when i used to be 11 years old (sure, 11). They were standing by way of Sloan’s Lake in North Denver, and that i approached them and shared my faith with them. I was terrified and trembling. I was hooked. This was the closest thing I had skilled to excessive activities and that i adored it.

The church that reached my complete beer consuming, body-building, tobacco-chewing household (and yes, that turned into simply the ladies!) become a street-evangelist working towards floor. My complicated and ripped, uncle Jack become ended in Christ when the preacher at this church went to his apartment, knocked on his door and started sharing the respectable news of salvation.

Hooked On Jesus Fishers Cap


That began a domino impact of salvation in my family. Uncle Jack came to Christ, uncle Bob and the like, unless almost every member of my somewhat gigantic extended family put his or her faith and have confidence in Jesus. So in a sense, that you would be able to say my entire family unit’s salvation begun on account of a preacher knocking on a stranger’s door and sharing Jesus.





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