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They encourage their employees to explore and get a few bumps and bruises along the way.

Remember, your team can’t create if you’ve taken all their crayons away. Employees need to paint––they need to make a mess before they make a masterpiece.

Not everyone feels comfortable with this style of management. But if you want to create a community that mimics Google, you need to embrace a new design, especially since most of your workforce wants the freedom to fail and explore.

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Google believes that ideation is just as important as implementation

In the past, employees would check-in, check out, and keep their opinions in check. But I can tell you from firsthand experience, Millennials and Generation Z don’t operate quietly. They don’t understand the point of waiting for their orders or raising their hand to express their ideas.

In many ways, if you want to develop a workforce that fosters ideas and innovation, you need to be a bit unorthodox. I get it. This type of free-for-all discussion is not the most comfortable for everyone. It is highly generational and necessary to understand if you want to engage your team and succeed.

Millennials and Generation Z don’t view daydreaming as a distraction to work. They see it as integral to work.

Before you read through your ideas and assign your team their orders, present the goal and then listen for ideas. Invite all of your team to the table. They want to bring their experience, their thoughts, and their voice to your company. This requires leaders to give their employees the green light to move past go.

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