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motion Culottée — let’s translate that as Operation Cheeky Knicks — needs to draw consideration to what French girls see as one more Covid injustice and unnecessary restrict on their freedoms. What will we need? Frilly knickers! When can we need them? NOW.

Pause for a second to mirror over again upon the standard transformations between British and French girls.

women across France are sending their undies to their top minister. Now not as a result of they like him or need him to think about them in a private means, however in protest at ‘non-primary’ lingerie stores final closed in lockdown

In Blighty, we’re emerging from lockdown like bushy mammoths in boiled gray bras complemented with the aid of shattered elastic and tracky pants. Meanwhile, they are complaining they can’t get enough La Perla tulle thongs and peek-a-boo lace bralets to retain them in luxurious underpinnings. What is occurring?

‘i will bear in mind the times when pants had been pants,’ Victoria wood as soon as joked. ‘You wore them for twenty years then reduce them down for pan scrubs.’

Victoria changed into a woman who knew the difference between ‘comfies’ and ‘frillies’, and the everlasting value of Bridget Jones-trend large knicks. Possibly that’s because she become born in Prestwich, now not Paris. Vive la change!

Covid passports – what’s the large deal? I’d gladly raise a doc that suggests I’ve been vaccinated. Particularly if it could mean I could go to the cinema or to a theatre, protected in the skills that others round me had been vaccinated, too. And even trip overseas — an exhilarating thought.

youngsters, some consider such passports may lead to individuals being discriminated towards and excluded from certain actions.

well, isn’t that the whole factor? Why can’t all of us simply do what we need to do to get out of this Covid nightmare? These passports are simplest brief, in spite of everything.

we are already electronically ‘followed’ anytime we use a bank card or lift our mobile phones, so I don’t see Covid passports as some awful infringement of my human rights or privacy.

Covid passports – what’s the massive deal? I’d gladly carry a document that shows I’ve been vaccinated

big Brother is watching you? He has already been spying on us for years — nothing is a secret any further, the very theory of privateness has been eroded.

give me my passport and get me out of this Covid penal complex!

Yet people that whinge appear to be the identical people who are complaining that they could’t go on break. Isn’t the solution to have your vaccination, after which get your Covid passport?

it’s merely a gateway to freedom, now not a constraint on your freedom of circulation.

The American Humanist association has revoked a ‘humanist of the 12 months’ award it gave to Professor Richard Dawkins 25 years ago.

while the AHA admired and lauded the Dawkins who as soon as wrote The selfish Gene and railed in opposition t blasphemy laws, now it shudders on the Dawkins of 2021, who dared to ask id politics’ most troubling question: why is a white adult vilified for choosing as black, whereas anyone born as a person who identifies as a lady must be affirmed in that perception?

and never simplest affirmed, I could add, praised for his or her bravery and indulged in each urge, in spite of the fact that that urge impinges on girls’s rights, which is not very humanist in any respect.

in its place of cancelling Dawkins and rethinking what they as soon as concept 1 / 4 of a century in the past, shouldn’t humanists be making use of themselves to this most important and nearly humanist question instead?

Professor Dawkins deserves an answer, on the very least.

The American Humanist affiliation has revoked a ‘humanist of the yr’ award it gave to Professor Richard Dawkins 25 years in the past

I once stayed in Prince Charles’s Welsh house close the Brecon Beacons, where he has gone to grieve on my own following his father’s funeral. I will vouch for the tranquillity so as to aid him to heal. No, hush, calm yourselves. I used to be no longer a royal visitor, but a paying consumer.

returned in 2009, Llwynywermod changed into briefly accessible as a holiday let. Naturally, yours truly become the first customer, parting with £650 per week to have fun with feet up on the tweedy royal pouffe, afternoon tea from Duchy monogrammed cups and organic fruitcake supplied by using the Prince himself.

LGBT Dragon Mandala Quilt Bedding Set

Camilla chose the duck-egg blue and terracotta color scheme, whereas Charles designed the garden. Together the couple picked out rugs and chosen the Welsh blankets and handmade quilts for the bedrooms. Honestly. They should open an upmarket chain of B&Bs.

The property has an unmarked entrance and is hidden from the backyard world. Let’s hope the Prince finds the peace there that he wants.





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