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Covert recordings from a hire vehicle used by a drug dealer led to the collapse of a gang who were flooding Nottingham and Derby with cocaine.

Officers tracked Daniel Gibbons’ movements using undercover methods leading to mass arrests in coordinated raids both in the city and Derby one morning last summer.

One of them was at the Carlton home of kingpin Daniel Yeboah who, along with his ‘trusted lieutenant’ Kevin Machin, of Aspley, was selling to Derby dealer Gibbons.

The pair were also selling to street dealers in Nottingham with Machin carrying out exchanges outside a Dominos pizza takeaway in Aspley and another at the back of the Daleside Cafe, in Sneinton.

Sentencing the gang, Judge Shaun Smith QC said: “All of you were involved at differing levels in a conspiracy to supply cocaine and in some cases heroin on the streets of Derby and Nottingham.

“Mr Yeboah was running the operation with Mr Machin as his right-hand man.

“They were supplying Mr Gibbons who was running his own operation selling on to smaller street dealers in Derby.”

Matthew Farmer, prosecuting at Derby Crown Court, said the conspiracy ran for eight months between late 2019 and July of 2020.

He said Derby-based Gibbons had been supplying cocaine to street dealers in the city including Kelvin Boddy and Deklan Lawrence and then in early 2020 found a new, bigger, supplier in Nottingham-based Yeboah.

Mr Farmer said: “This operation was an investigation into Daniel Gibbons who played a leading role in a drugs conspiracy in the Derby area purchasing large quantities of class As.

“Gibbons would send a courier to Nottingham to collect drugs from Yeboah’s ‘trusted lieutenant’ Kevin Machin and bring it back to Derby.

Nottingham Forest F.C Short

“He would supply multiple street dealers, he was directing and organising the selling and buying on a commercial scale.

“The prosecution would say over the length of the conspiracy the amount involved was northwards of 1kg.”

Mr Farmer said deals took place in locations in Derby such as the car parks of Asda in Spondon, the Co-op in Ashbourne Road, the Odeon cinema, a pub in Normanton and addresses in Hawthorn Street and Mill Hill Lane.





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