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No joy have released their newest EP Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven. The album revisits 4 songs from Motherhood, rescoring them for an ensemble in response to voice, cello, harp and horn. Moreover, the EP introduces a cover of Deftones’ “teen” from the traditional 2000 album White Pony.

On the latest EP, No joy draw influences from classical music and different experiments in rock-orchestra crossover. More than that, they use their ensemble to craft a special meditation on childhood, reminiscence and loss of innocence.

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fashioned in Montreal in 2009, No joy back following a five-12 months gap with 2020’s Motherhood. The new album signaled the primary time Jasamine White-Gluz helmed the mission as a solo artist, following the departure of founding member Laura Lloyd.

as a result of COVID-19, No joy turned into unable to tour radically in aid of Motherhood. Consequently, White-Gluz sees Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven as an opportunity to construct on the old checklist.

“Songs tackle a brand new life after I’m on tour,” White-Gluz says. “These songs didn’t get that opportunity. I nonetheless had greater to claim with them. I likely in no way would’ve been like ‘let’s get a bunch of classically informed players collectively’ if it wasn’t for COVID-19. [This EP] was an opportunity to do whatever that wasn’t glaring. It’s a bed room recording, nonetheless it doesn’t sound like we recorded this in our bedrooms. I needed to do some thing that sounded larger than Motherhood did, and Motherhood turned into recorded earlier than COVID.”

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Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven brings a distinctive, greater emphatically experimental approach to its supply cloth. Representative of this expansive imaginative and prescient is “Kidder – From Heaven.” at the start a fuzz-sopping wet shoegaze quantity, the older music set vaulting guitar washes alongside a brooding bass line. The new version of the song peels lower back the instrumental layers, opening with harp and guitar in a meditative dialogue.

Reworks like this one convey out vibrant textures from the originals. Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven is sort of a musical experiment in the usage of orchestral devices for rock song. In this feel, the album sits alongside a handful of alternative artists who turned to orchestral tune for similar explorations.

“some of those late 90s electronica shuttle-hop acts worried strings of their are living performance,” White-Gluz says. “i used to be drawn to that, and with a few of them, i was like, ‘Let’s go full Little Mermaid.”

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As novel because the record is from a sonic standpoint, what is perhaps most compelling in regards to the album is the style it explores issues involving childhood adventure. Like its predecessor, Can My Daughter See Me From Heaven is a meditation on babies, as well because the complexities of growing old and searching lower back on fading innocence.

It changed into this pastime in exploring childhood that led White-Gluz to fee 7-12 months-ancient director Sloan for “Kidder – From Heaven,” as well as to enlist 15-yr-old Kevin to direct and movie “White Pony – From Heaven.” Shaky cameras and all, the video clips give a window into the perspectives and values of younger individuals.

Musically, the exploration of early life is strongest on No pleasure’s revisit of White Pony, an album that has to move down as one of the crucial all-time incredible tough rock tributes to teenage-dom.

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“I even have in no way been shy about my love for Deftones,” says White-Gluz. “White Pony is one in every of my favourite information of all time and the song ‘teen’ changed into proof to me that they have been a band larger than any nu-metal confines they have been trapped in. It’s this sort of delicate and mild music sequenced correct in the middle of a very heavy album. We recorded our version fully remotely. Nailah [Hunter]’s harp, Tara [McLeod]’s lapsteel, and Ouri’s experimental cello definitely catch the emotional feeling I had after I first heard the track as a teenager.”

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in many senses, the cowl provides a compelling rendition of a tune that changed into exciting for its gentle contours. No joy performs upon that aspect of the tune, showing its natural partnership with orchestral devices. Their rendition also conjures up deep nostalgia, calling to mind that first exhilarating event of listening to anthems of adolescence corresponding to “teenager” and “returned to college (Mini Maggot).”





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