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Puerto-Rico-Sol-Taino-Hawaiian-Shirt (1)

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“Justice for my daughter. They are murderers,“ Keila Ortiz screamed in desperation after Puerto Rican boxer Félix Verdejo was arrested in reference to the dying of her daughter, Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz.

family members say the 27-yr-old lady become pregnant with Verdejo’s baby and changed into found dead floating in the San José Lagoon in Puerto Rico.

Ortiz, the sufferer’s mother who lives in Orlando, told reporters that her daughter known as her before she disappeared Thursday and instructed her that Verdejo become going to her condominium to look the blood results of a pregnancy examine.

The Puerto Rican fighter surrendered to federal authorities Sunday evening. The U.S. Attorney’s office said late Sunday that Verdejo turned into being charged with kidnapping and carjacking resulting in death and with deliberately killing an unborn baby.

A criminal complaint filed by the FBI accuses Verdejo of punching Keishla Rodríguez in the face and injecting her with a syringe filled with an unidentified substance bought at a public housing complex. It alleges he then certain her palms and toes with wire and tied a heavy block to her earlier than throwing her off a bridge at eight:30 a.M. Thursday.

The complaint states that Verdejo then shot at Rodríguez’s physique as he stood on the bridge.

The criticism says a witness it didn’t identify helped Verdejo kidnap and kill Rodríguez.

“I always knew, when a mom has that instinct, that’s what it’s. My daughter and my grandson,” she lamented. “You don’t do that,” she observed in tears before the cameras of Telemundo Puerto Rico all over a reside transmission.

Ortiz insists that both Verdejo and his wife are responsible for Keishla’s this tragic death.

The case came to mild Thursday when Puerto Rico woke up to the news of one other missing lady and a family unit eager to be aware of her whereabouts. The sufferer’s mom arrived to the island where she mentioned she thought Verdejo was responsible for her disappearance.

“She became assembly him that morning. That become the ultimate issue she instructed me when I spoke to her, that he desired to peer the being pregnant blood verify,“ her mom told varied media outlets in Puerto Rico.

She incriminated the boxer as answerable for the disappearance of the 27-yr-ancient woman and alleged that Verdejo had up to now threatened her. “I told her, ‘be careful’, as a result of he had already threatened her” and instructed her not to have the baby, bringing up his career and his household, the mother stated.

Verdejo has favourite Rodríguez seeing that excessive school and has stayed in contact with her, her parents spoke of. They reported Keishla lacking after she on no account showed up for work in an animal grooming enterprise.

due to the fact that then, the seek the female started, Verdejo and his wife had been interviewed in connection to the girl’s disappearance and there changed into an extraordinary uninterrupted media insurance via every outlet on the island.

The investigation is now in the arms of federal authorities who assumed jurisdiction of case.

Puerto Rico Sol Taino Hawaiian Shirt

Visibly hurt, Keishla’s household thanked the entire expressions of affection from the community and the consideration and hard work of the Puerto Rico Police.

“We gave 200%,” said the Police Commissioner, Col. Antonio López Figueroa about the investigation. “We made a dedication to the mother that you were going to find these dependable,” he referred to, noting that about 200 officers were concerned.

“We ought to promote appreciate for life,” referred to López Figueroa when asked via Telemundo about what message he gave to Puerto Ricans.





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