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Mese is a restaurant proprietor who lives in San Marcos.

currently, my husband, teenage daughter and i went to Yosemite for a short four-day getaway. It changed into springtime and the California poppies have been in full bloom, blanketing the mountainside in a sea of vivid orange. Each which approach we grew to become — the wildflowers, the towering bushes, the dashing river — turned into a feast for our eyes. Our senses had been overwhelmed via the glory of nature. We lucked out and had the most remarkable climate, and after a year of strictly following COVID-19 protocols, the fresh mountain air, the vistas and the majesty of Half Dome had us feeling revived and refreshed.

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On our first afternoon on the park, we went into the generic save to get a quick chunk to devour. As we searched outdoor for an open desk, I saw a man sitting on the different aspect of the patio wearing a crimson baseball cap emblazoned with an American flag. I know that, for many people, a crimson patriotic-looking hat has come to mean anything different; but for me, I simply notion of my dad. And definitely, the person donning the hat happened to be Asian, too, with the identical build and height, and that i pointed out to my daughter, “hiya, see that man over there? Papa used to put on that equal hat all over the place we went when i was your age.”

“That’s so bizarre,” changed into her usual teen reply.

i will nevertheless picture my dad standing towards the back of the waiting crowd as I emerged from the jetway into the buzzing United airlines terminal at O’Hare overseas Airport. It turned into the Nineteen Eighties, so pre-9/eleven, and that i become coming back from a high school commute. The gates had been nonetheless accessible to each person interior the airport, and my dad always came in to greet me. Many of the time he changed into there about an hour earlier than when i was because of arrive and he simply sat and waited. As quickly as I appeared into the crowd of households and pals waiting for his or her loved ones, I might see him standing there. He turned into a diminutive man of 5-foot-5 with a simply-beginning-to-expand potbelly and his as-commonplace golf shirt and slacks.

What at all times made him stand out in a crowd and simple to discover in every condition turned into his brilliant pink baseball hat with a large American flag patch sewn on the front and massive white u . S . A . Embroidered on the again.

Red And White Camouflage Golf Polo Shirt

I hated it. It seemed like such a dorky, overly sentimental hat — whatever a international tourist may buy at a souvenir shop. However this become my dad’s favorite hat, which he wore on weekends and outings. With its aggressively Americana believe, too large and too bright, the hat really irritated my sister and me. I was an angsty teen, always attempting too hard to mix in with my classmates — with ridiculous neon ’80s clothes and large ’80s hair — an inconspicuous seem back then to sarcastically camouflage my ethnicity and to now not stick out amongst my essentially White classmates.





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