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Rick Astley is back at it with another surprising cover. This time around, he is channeling his inner Slipknot fan in a headbanging new cover of “Duality.” Read more: Julien Baker transforms a Radiohead classic in beautiful new cover—listen Over the past year, Rick Astley has treated the internet to plenty of entertaining covers. Last summer, he caught Post Malone fans’ attention when he decided to take on the mega hit “Better Now.” For the cover, Astley completely transformed the track and baffled a lot of viewers as he tried to get through the lyric-heavy song. Now, Astley is back with another head-turning cover. This time around, he is rocking out to “Duality,” yes really, in a new guitar cover on TikTok. For the performance, Astley buttoned back up his iconic “Never Gonna Give You Up” trench coat and truly rocked out to the 2004 Slipknot classic.

Along with wearing a peculiar snowman head, Astley performed the cover in sunglasses and in front of a desert background. @rickastleyofficialOn this last day of Christmas, I bring you, Slipknot! #slipknot #ricktok #rickastley #fyp♬ Duality – Slipknot Read more: Revisit your favorite Tom DeLonge era with these custom skateboard decks Of course, this isn’t the only rock cover Astley has released in the past. After hitting the stage with Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl in 2019, Astley debuted a cover of “Everlong.” Since its release last year, the cover has been viewed over 3.6 million times on YouTube. This past year, Astley also discovered the power of TikTok. Last year, he made his debut on the video-sharing platform with a bizarre dance routine to Dua Lipa. Since then, he has earned over 1.6 million followers and over 7 million likes. In recent weeks, he’s shared TikTok covers of R.E.M., Pet Shop Boys and the Strokes. What are your reactions to Rick Astley’s Slipknot cover? Let us know in the comments below.The iconic artist, who was mainly a painter in his own eyes, created photographs and photograms using female subjects, the depth of which are brilliant and poignant.

American born, but spending most of his career in Paris, visual artist Man Ray contributed greatly to the Dada and Surrealist movements, and even though he above all considered himself a painter, he created some of the most striking and well-known photographic images of the 20th century – especially those where he made use of female models. He was an exceedingly private person, letting few details of his early or personal life be known to the public, going so far as to refusing to go by any other name than Man Ray. His photographs of female subjects have a similar air of mystery. They are surrealistic and stunning works of visual art, which tend to leave viewers with strong feelings of ambivalence. The true genius of Man Ray is extremely subtle and is something which is well worth taking the time to examine more thoroughly.

Emmanuel Radnitzky was born in 1890 in South Philadelphia to Russian Jewish immigrant parents. In 1912, the family’s surname was changed to Ray, due to the antisemitism prevalent during that period. Emmanuel, whose nickname was Manny, eventually started going only by the name Man Ray. His father worked in a garment factory, also running a humble tailoring business out of the family home. He would regularly ask his children to assist him with his work. Even though Man Ray wished to distance himself from his family, he would go on to often use objects associated with tailoring in his works, such as flat irons, mannequins, needles, pins, and fabric. Art historians have also noted similarities between tailoring styles and Ray’s painting and collage techniques. The Coat-Stand (Porte manteau), is an example of how the artist used props inspired by his childhood to create an astonishing avant-garde image. For a photograph that is very simple in its execution, The Coat-Stand works startingly well in its impact. It is profoundly unnatural, and the viewer can’t help but feel like they are being mocked by the pantomime-esque expression frozen on the stand’s face. The fact that the model is clad only in one lone stocking, gives the impression that this strange creature is an amputee as well as an abomination.

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Retired firefighter face mask


Retired firefighter face mask

Retired firefighter face mask


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