Police This House Is Protected By The Good Lord And A Gun Doormat



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Police This House Is Protected By The Good Lord And A Gun Doormat

OHANIAN: –that was when President Trump signed that, and that was huge. I really would love to see this be something that- that is an option for- for any American, not just, you know, federal employees. I do think the private sector is going to have to keep pushing this forward and showing certainly in all the companies that can afford it should be feeling the social pressure at this point to be offering it. And that’s not just to moms, but also to dads and not just for, you know, sort of childbirth, but also for adoption. And I think we’re going to get there pretty quickly over the next few years because, you know, top talent has so much leverage in this market and all of the most valuable employees are, you know, they’re- they’re now pretty well exposed to paid family leave policies. So that I think it’s going to be very hard to get top talent at a large firm unless you offer the same. So I think we win the day there. And then yeah, from the- from the smaller businesses, you know, a firm like ours can do things like this in order to provide opportunities for early stage companies that can’t afford it. And- and my hope is, is that there is some solution that comes from, you know, a federal policy that actually makes it accessible for all so that the burden is not on the small business owner, but- but actually it comes as a government benefit. And I think one of the reasons why you’re seeing millennials be so slow with- with having children comes back to this, just the financials of it, having the economic security–


OHANIAN: –to feel like it’s time to have a kid like that’s real.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Right.  Police This House Is Protected By The Good Lord And A Gun Doormat

OHANIAN: And I try to, you know, I think about this even within my own firms, where, like I’m pushing even the men to take full advantage of their paid family leave policies, because I want to see them supporting their partners in a way that makes sense for their families so that they can do the best work they can do when they’re at the office. I- I think gone- especially now post-COVID, gone are the days that we used to think there was like home life and work life. Like you bring your home problems to work, you bring your work problems to home. And the idea that men were immune from this was a farce, right? I know that- I know that it matters just as much to them. And so that’s why I’ve been such an advocate for the paternity leave side, because it’s- it’s just it’s fundamental. I know I’m not doing my best work unless I know the home front is in a good place. And- and I’ve seen it time and time again now with employees, both both men and women.

MARGARET BRENNAN:  And lastly, you wore a T-shirt the other day that got a lot of attention. It said “greatest athlete” with the word “female” crossed out. I loved it. Why’d you wear it? Do you think the gender qualifier diminishes achievement?

OHANIAN: Yeah, I think- I mean, why I wore it was Nike sends me merch and sometimes I like it and I wear it. And, you know, I- I’ve never been a stranger to courting controversy. And look, I think- I think when we’re- we- one of the things I love about the sport is the fact that we can, as- as much of a level playing field as it is, sports fans, we still get to have these endless debates and discussions about all of this stuff, which is wonderful. I do think the qualifier is a problem simply because if we’re really talking about greatness, it’s a pretty insulting thing to qualify it with- with gender. To say, you know, we’re, it would be, I mean, if- if we’re OK with that, then we have to- if the next time someone mentions like, oh, Elon Musk is the greatest entrepreneur of our generation, they need to say Elon Musk is the greatest male entrepreneur of our generation. And why does that feel uncomfortable? Because I guess as a society, we’ve decided that it’s OK to just generalize. And- and so then why should sport be any different? If we want to- if we want to talk about greatness, we should consider it across the board. And, you know, I- I like, I guess on some level, I really- I really have a front row seat to what it has taken Serena for at least, you know, the last five years to do what she does and do it so well. And- and it just feels- it feels like an insulting qualifier, because at the end of the day, we’re talking about humans being great at that sport. And I really, I want- I want my daughter to live in a world, I want everyone’s daughters to live in a world where we don’t put an asterisk on it or we don’t find some way to say, well, look, OK, but this is different–


OHANIAN: –because of blank. And I want to live in a world where- where, you know, little boys have posters of Alex Morgan on their wall and think she’s great and have a poster of her right next to a poster of Messi. And, you know, what Serena and Venus have done for sport at a time admittedly before I was watching tennis, you know, put them on the walls right alongside male counterparts and- and, you know, in many ways exceeded. And I think that’s- it’s a- in- in- in many ways, it’s still one of these last frontiers where sports still for all of its advantages, for all of the progress that it’s made, still has these hang ups. And yeah, I like wearing T-shirts that upset people on Twitter and excite people on Twitter. And let’s keep the conversation going on it because, yeah, I- I don’t want to see that qualifier.












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