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Tom Sipply, our editor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, tells us, “Austria is under lockdown as well as Germany, but Austrian ski resorts are open again, mainly for the citizens of Austria.”

That means, he says, border controls are strict as are travel restrictions and quarantine rules. Most travelers need to self-quarantine upon arrival and additionally show a negative COVID test. Restaurants, hotels and Airbnbs remain closed too.

“There also has been a new outbreak of the virus in the Austrian state of Tirol (where the most popular ski resorts are located). Therefore, the ski resorts in that state have to close again. Tirol has Europe’s highest outbreak of the South African variant. Officials say they are determined to keep ski resorts safe and open, however there already has been an impact. More ski resorts are closing again in that part of Austria,” he says.

Sipply adds that ski resorts in at least the German-speaking part of Switzerland remain open. The rate of infection in the nation is currently improving. Each ski resort carries out their own COVID-19 safety regulations, like elsewhere.

French ski areas are closed

Copyright: Jeff Pachoud, AFP

That’s the end of the good news. So, here’s the part that doesn’t make for a good winter ski season. Start in France. Editor Julie LaMotte could sum it up in one word: “Ferme.” But she spelled it out a bit more: “Ski lifts have never been opened in France and are most likely to stay closed for this season. The government has promised to help resorts for all the losses.”

Italy’s opening postponed again

Italy? Chiuso (closed up). Editor Patti Caposelle explains: “And…At the end of a sunny Sunday, the government decided to postpone the opening date again for Italian ski resorts (March 5). Many ski resorts were ready to open after working on the slopes, organization of everything online and offline to follow the anti-COVID rules, and after announcing the opening through all their channels. They were then stopped again.”

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Santa Claus Christmas Hawaiian Shirt

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