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Mr Kongjak said he was inside when Ampol turned up, clutching his gun and threatening to kill him. He had paid an earlier visit last December, when he smashed Mr Kongjak’s front door and damaged his car, leaving him with a 10,000 baht repair bill.

On June 20, the old man said he saw Ampol aiming his weapon at him from outside so grabbed his own gun and fired. “If I hadn’t shot him I would have died,” he told police.

Somjai Ubpong, 51, who lives opposite, said he heard the shots but thought it was firecrackers going off as a funeral was underway at a nearby temple.

She didn’t hear the sound of any confrontation but knew Ampol liked harassing Mr Kongjak. Ampol had also turned up in drunken rages outside her place, though he hadn’t damaged any property.

Shopkeeper Eed, 42, said Ampol arrived one night over New Year demanding he open the shop. “I refused as it was late, so he took a spade from out front and attacked the shop with it, leaving holes.”

Despite Mr Sombat’s pleas for leniency towards the killer, Kalasin police charged Mr Kongjak with premeditated murder, firing a weapon in a public place without good reason and having weapon in his possession without a permit. Mr Kongjak denied the first charge, but admits the last two. The case continues.

Inundated with aid

A Nakhon Sawan labourer denies exploiting sympathy for his daughter to get out of a financial scrape, after the young girl begged for food on social media.

Nong Patty, aged nine, left a brief post on Facebook saying she and her father had barely eaten for three days and asking well-wishers for help. She left her address and father’s phone number.

Her father, Noppadon, from the Wimanmaen community in Muang district, said a recent accident forced him to stop working, with the result he was no longer able to provide for his family. Worse, his wife left after an argument, taking the family motorcycle and their youngest child, aged four.

Stop Staring At My Eggplant Beach Shorts

He has been unable to track her down. While he was recovering at home with an injured arm, he and Nong Patty made do with three simple meals a day of boiled rice and sauce.

Mr Noppadon, a contract labourer on building sites, said he knew nothing about Nong Patty’s post and was surprised when locals started turning up with dried goods and other help. His phone was also inundated with calls.





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