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Any player can be valuable thanks to SBCs © EA Sports Here’s a slightly more detailed SBC crafting breakdown: Bronze Packs: Open a lot of the 400-coin bronze packs. Keep the players. Sell any Dutch or Brazilian managers (they go for max BIN). Discard consumables. Silver Upgrades and League SBCs: If you can, use any major league bronze cards for their League SBCs. Otherwise keep hold of them so you can do them later, or just sell them. Everyone else (all those Japanese and Korean players, Irish league players, lower league players, etc etc), dump them into Silver Upgrade SBCs. Gold Upgrades and League SBCs: Same principle. Major league silvers, use them if possible or keep them. Everyone else, rinse into the upgrade SBC. Gold Upgrades and repeatable upgrade SBCs: Depending on which repeatable SBCs are available, you may need common golds, rare golds or a mixture. Rinse everything that isn’t usable in a league SBC through gold upgrades and the available repeatable upgrade SBCs. Craft to glory: Why Hello Sweet Cheeks Have A Seat Dairy Cattle Poster

If you do this enough, you should end up with some decent high-rated fodder cards at the very least. These can be used to complete time-limited player SBCs like the abovementioned Flashback CR7. Given that EA sometimes reposts popular SBCs, we would recommend keeping an eye out for Flashback Romain Alessandrini, Flashback Arjen Robben, and TOTGS Lucas Moura, all of whom were fantastic native right-midfield SBC players when they came out. Option 4: Money money money! Will you be Robben a few hearts with this card? © EA Of course, some players have fantastic pack luck or are fortunate enough to be able to invest a lot of FIFA Points into FUT. If you’re in that category, you can always just go out and buy one of the expensive native right-wing options that are out there. We’ve tried a whole bunch of them, so here are a few quick recommendations: TOTY Lionel Messi – At 5m coins on PlayStation, this is the most expensive way to fill the position. But if you can afford this card, it is unquestionably the best. Icon Garrincha – Any of the Brazilian Icon’s cards will do the trick,

but his Mid Icon version is hovering at 1.6m and is just about to go out of packs, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it held its value as well as being a superb option. Icon George Best – Another underrated option is the Northern Ireland and Man United legend. At 1.4m for his Prime or Mid (note the differing work-rates), he would polish off any competitive team. Future Stars Bukayo Saka – The hot new thing in FUT is this 90-rated Arsenal star of the future. His current price north of 2m coins seems wild to us, but if you can get him then you are unlikely to be disappointed. Headliners Hirving Lozano – Lozano is a popular super-sub, but his Headliners is a worthy starter, with base 99 pace meaning you can use a Deadeye or more likely a Finisher Chem Style to make him an absolute beast. Why Hello Sweet Cheeks Have A Seat Dairy Cattle Poster  WOTW Mohamed Salah – It’s tempting to recommend the live Champions League card but with Liverpool currently struggling for form, his price may fluctuate wildly in the next few weeks. The second TOTW version has pretty much the same stats and is a good bit cheaper. The 3* weak foot is a potential issue, but he has the Outside Foot Shot trait, which helps. Future Stars Kulusevski – Another recent addition, this pacey Juventus attacker gets a strong link to Cristiano Ronaldo, which goes some way to explaining his popularity. Expect to see him in the Weekend League on the regular. 

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Why Hello Sweet Cheeks Have A Seat Dairy Cattle Poster



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